How To Know If You Are Owed An Inheritance

One big question involves whether I am entitled to assets he left behind? Please help if you can. Thank you, — Zoe Zeal Dear Zoe, Genealogy sites search obituaries, the Social Security Death Master File and other sources for a record of a person’s death. You can also purchase access to the Social Security Death Index through the National Technical Information Service. I didn’t perform an exhaustive search, but a website called will allow you to search the Social Security Death Master file for free. Some genealogy sites offer short-term free trials that you can cancel before being charged a fee. If his date of death is established, you can request a verification of death from the Texas Office of Vital Statistics, assuming that he died in Texas. A verification letter isn’t a legal substitute for a death certificate.

First Mariner Bancorp’s ability to raise capital hampered by money owed to investors

First Mariner Bancorp said in the filing it has been deferring making interest payments on the securities since 2009 but did not have the money to pay them and cannot postpone them beyond the end of 2013. First Mariner makes it clear that the interest payments involve only First Mariner Bancorp the holding company not First Mariner Bank, where depositors are covered by Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insurance. First Mariner officials declined to be interviewed but issued a statement saying, The company has been in regular communications with holders of its trust preferred securities. Its important to recognize that the interest payment due on the trust preferred securities is an obligation of First Mariner Bancorp, not First Mariner Bank. Therefore, the operations of First Mariner Bank will continue in their normal course and will not be impacted in any way. First Mariner Bancorp was one of many bank holding companies that sold trust preferred securities in the years before the 2008 economic downturn.

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